Patchology Powerpatch Dark Spot Corrector



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A dark spot corrector that lightens age spots, liver spots, sun damage and acne scars for skin that is more even after just two weeks.

For all skin types and tones.

Copper and zinc filaments in the Dark Spot Corrector Patches activate a gentle microcurrent that accelerates the delivery of the brand's Tone-Targeting Lightening Charge™ complex, while medical-grade adhesive ensures zero irritation. It lights and brightens your uneven skin but is not formulated to change the appearance of your freckles, skin tags, red dots, raised dots, dark brown dots, black dots or moles.

to use: Apply the patch over the discolored area. Wear nightly. Remove in the morning. Repeat for two weeks. Apply gel over the discolored area in the morning. Leave on all day. Use additional skin care and/or sun protection as desired. Repeat until no gel remains.

Includes 58 Dark Spot Corrector Patches and one 0.7 oz. tube of Dark Spot Protector Sunscreen Gel Broad Spectrum SPF 30

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