Tend Skin Air Shave Gel, 8 oz.

Tend Skin


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We are proud to introduce the second product in the Tend Skin Company line.
Like our flagship product Liquid, AIR SHAVE GEL is backed by an unconditional Money Back Guarantee

This new shave gel is made from the finest ingredient combination we could develop. It far exceeds the lubricity of any shave gel on the market. Try rubbing it between your fingers and see for yourself. It simply doesnÂ’t dry out face.

AIR SHAVE Gel is simple to use. Wash the area to be shaved and leave it wet. Apply the gel sparingly with your hand. Rub it onto the skin gently. You wonÂ’t need very much. An eight ounce bottle should last the average woman at least three months, and the average man even longer.

AIR SHAVE Gel does not lather; simply apply and shave.

Men, try it with the new Panasonic Wet/Dry electric shaver or the new Norelco Advantage YouÂ’ll shave closer than ever.

AIR SHAVE Gel leaves your skin with a satin like feeling and fully moisturized, not dry like other shaving gels and creams

The gel is so effective at reducing friction, you will be less likely to cut or scrape the skin.
AIR SHAVE Gel prevents those afternoon Nubs on women's legs, by offering an extra close shave.

This gel will not only allow ease of shaving, but its moisturizing properties will soothe the skin for hours. The following is a brief description of the unusual ingredients in AIR SHAVE Gel Milady Skin Care And Cosmetic Ingredients Dictionary, Michalun, Milady Publishing Co., New York, 1994

01. Glycerin: improves spreading quality
02. Polyquaternium: 10:Cellulose polymer, conditioning agent
03. Silicone:: lubricant
04. Provides soft feel
05. Polysorbate 20: Solubilizer, emulsifier, viscosity modifier, stabilizer of essential oils in water
06. PVP/VA (Polyvinylpyrrolidine): water/wear resistance, pigment dispersion, non-greasy feel, improved
07. Tetrasodium EDTA: preservative
08. Propylene Glycol: Moisture carrier, skin permeant, non-greasy feel, solvent for anti-oxidants and preservatives, acts as a preservative
09. Diazolidinyl Urea: Antiseptic, deodorizer, broad spectrum preservative
10. Methylparaben: Preservative
11. Propylparaben: Preservative
12. Chloroxylenol: Preservative

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