Supersmile Professional Whitening Pre-Rinse



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Whitening Pre-Rinse prepares your teeth for advanced whitening while aiding in the prevention of plaque and gum disease.

  • Freshens: Sodium Bicarbonate provides long-lasting germicidal protection for fresher breath.
  • Whitens: Hydrogen Peroxide safely whitens teeth. Combined, Hydrogen Peroxide and Sodium Bicarbonate prepare teeth for whitening prior to the use of our Professional Whitening System.

Silica Free, Gluten Free, Sulfate Free, Sugar Free, Alcohol Free, Kosher Do not use if irritation occurs or persist. NET WEIGHT - 16 FL OZ/473 ML

Most mouth rinses contain alcohol which can lead to increased bacteria production, worsening bad breath issues. Our alcohol and sugar-free formula keeps germs and plaque at bay. It is formulated with hydrogen peroxide to prepare teeth for maximum whitening benefits.

  • 1.Prior to brushing with the Professional Whitening Toothpaste and Professional Whitening System, rinse with a mouthful the Whitening Pre-Rinse.

  • 2.Swish the rinse around your mouth for 30 seconds. (DO NOT SWALLOW)

16 oz.

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