TanTowel X- Foliator



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X-foliator used to keep your skin buffed and smooth. No granular mess, this is a water based moisturizer that will not compromise your self-tan. Use it in or out of the shower, at home or on the go. Features: Exfoliates dry skin, Moisturizing Unique towelette, Fragrance, Individually heat sealed packet. Benefits •Exfoliates in or out of the shower •Soothing to the skin hydrating qualities •The towel its self acts as the exfoliator •No grainy particles to remove •Exfoliates on one side Buffs on the other •Single use towelette •Fresh Ocean fragrance will dissipate within 5 minutes •Will not compete with perfume or cologne •Maintains quality and integrity of product to ensure long-lasting life.

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