Two2Guys Purifying Clay Mask



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Two2Guys Purifying Clay Mask
Two2Guys Purifying Clay Mask
Two2guys Purifying facial mask is made from Kaolin clay a soft, earthy mineral is a natural detoxifyer ,cleans traces of dirt ,pollution and dead skin pulling all impurities like a magnet without causing irritation and dryness.  

Infused with absorbic acid (vitamin c) rich in antioxidants, brightening ,hydrating and adding  more protective benefits revealing a perfect radiant skin
To Use: The simplest use for our purifying clay mask . Mask is in powder form.  Mix with water or even rose water to form a silky paste. This paste can be brushed or rubbed onto the face and left to dry on fore 10 to 15 minutes before washing off. 
Mixing options:

water, distilled water, your favorite facial oil, plain yogurt, aloe vera juice or gel, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice

Mask is packaged with a glass mixing bowl and spoon. 

4 oz.


Two2Guys Purifying Clay Mask
Two2Guys Purifying Clay Mask

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